ken’s version vs leo’s version…….the poor kitty’s suffering




Honey lemon is indeed latina. 

So everyone screams bloody murder when people ASSUME that Honey Lemon was changed to be white, but when they actually changed her to be latina, everyone’s crying tears of joy. Alright.

Let’s count how many lead latina’s there are in the animated feature disney canon shall we? 1. Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis in 2001. Let me repeat that. ONE. Now do I even need to begin counting how many white lead female protagonists disney has? Do you see why people who are latin@ or hispanic would be glad seeing this character? Why they might be glad that she isn’t just white? I seriously don’t know why this has struck a chord in so many people to be angry. But I think we have earned this character and we deserve to be happy about it. 

everyone i know is either getting married, in a new relationship, or having a baby

and i’m just

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do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

i am that friend


I am absolutely in love with Zachary Piona.



If this isn’t good marketing I literally don’t want to know what is.

the BMO one though….


Ferguson vs Pumpkin fest
The media’s treatment of these two events were shameful!